Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Life is Born

Today was a great day. The website has been going well; and more importantly, my Banking partner welcomed into the world his first child. A boy. Now this little dude is so adorable. Looks very strong, alert, and very hungry! Watching my partner holding him brought back memories of the first time that I held my boys. So new and so fragile, yet resting in the comfort of my arms. Witnessing new life makes you really appreciate existing life. When I get home from work, my kids could care less about how my day went. All they care about is that very moment with me, nothing else. Wow...does that make me feel special. Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is not promised; and today is a gift. Therefore, do not let "the moment" pass you by. With all of that said, I guess my partner should have at least a couple of days away from the website. Enjoy the moment!

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