Monday, September 20, 2010

Homepage Debate

Aside from coming up with a name for our website, one our first challenges that we encoutered was designing the homepage.  How hard can coming up with a homepage design be?  Well, we found out later that this was easier said than done.  Our current homepage is about design number 82; and we are still not satisfied with it yet.  We all have many different opinions on what it should look like, and also the message that it should convey.  In addition, there are many experts who have provided us with the do's and don'ts of creating a homepage.  However, all these opinions all conflict with each other. So, what do we do?  Since our website is very similar to a social networking site, we decided to do some research and take a look at the original facebook (TheFaceBook), Myspace, and Twitter homepages.  Surpringsly, we did not feel that they were very appealing or even professional.  But needless to say, they are very successful despite how they first looked.  So after our laughs, we realized that just like other sites, our homepage will eventually evolve over time along with our website.

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