Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Support and Social Networking

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to build a social networking site.  The piece that would set mine apart from other networks would be the fact that it is geared toward College Students and their Family and Friends, incorporated with a donation feature directly from the site via PayPal.  I was also able to recently upgrade my site; and it now has many more features including Facebook Connect. 

I wanted my site to be a place where Family and Friends can stay connected and support their college students.  When your child goes away to college, you most likely will only speak to them occasionally.  And if you do speak with them, most of the conversation is geared around money!!  Here, you would be able to click the “Donate to Student” button and transfer money instantly into their PayPal account.  The PayPal account is connected to their personal bank account.  You don’t have to worry about running to their bank or sending them money through the mail, just a click the Donate to Student button.

My little sister will not “friend” my mom on Facebook.  Now, my mom has a place to stay connected with her and send some quick cash or a quick supportive note.  Recently, she made the Dean's List and informed us of this through a Flinkey post.  For her, posting that on any other social networking site is not something she would normally do.   We have used the site numerous times to send money to my sister and many of our other family and friends that are in college.  In addition, we are running a $100.00 monthly drawing for college students.  Last month, we sent our first monthly winner $100.00 through our Flinkey site.  How exciting!!  Now that you know about us lets get to the college resource blogs and tips.  It is our hope to provide assistance and support to future and current students.  Check us out!  http://www.flinkey.com/

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